Did you know that:

  • The fashion industry is the worlds third largest polluter, behind oil and agriculture.
  • Around 350,000 tonnes of clothing ends up in landfill in the UK alone each year

Sage me baby was born from my passion for recycling, designing and promoting vibrant self expression and as a kick back to our current fast fashion culture.

My question is; Why are we supporting those creating fashion unsustainably, unethically and ultimately not for any true benefit? 

I believe real style is simply a pure expression of what is within and I want to encourage women not to be dictated to by the whims of our ever growing fashion industry.

Here I hand-pick beautiful pre-loved clothing, with the hope of giving it new life. Carefully curating collections and using sustainable methods to create a way of shopping that is better for both us and the planet. 

Each pre-loved piece has its own unique identity. Small imperfections tell the stories of the amazing journey they've been on. From buttons sewn on by me, to a patched up knee by a mumma in '73. 

And now each piece is ready for a a new journey, a new history, a new story.

Be part of it,

Sage with me baby.