Showing a natural talent and passion for music from very young age, Ella kept her creations hidden in the comfort of her bedroom for 21 years before reaching out to, now manager, Jason Odle through a friend. The Ont’ Sofa team quickly realised there was something very di erent about her writing and musical style, and since then have signed her, nurtured her musical abilities and since winter 2017 Ella has released 4 songs.

Ella released her 1st Double A-side EP, earlier this year. She & Away From Here both very quickly entered the charts in Germany, U.K., Canada, Australia and She had a #1 the Finland iTunes Top 200 Tracks.

For a 1st ever music release, this was a totally unpresidented amount of love, but as with all things “Ella”, her music has a certain magic to it that seems to entrance many.

Wild Roads, Ella’s 2nd single, released this spring has gained even more attention after being added to Germanys biggest Spotify summer playlist. Now nearing 800,000 plays and with a new release on the horison, her spotify pro le continues to stun the industry 

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